Q: Can I download the data somewhere?
A: The raw data is for sale. The price ranges from 10 to 30 euro per dataset depending on the server. Email me if you are interested.

Q: What does the raw data include?
A: I ran 2 automated scans a day. The raw data contains the time (Unix timestamp) and price (coppers) for each item from all these scans. The data is provided in a csv file.

Q: Why are the prices not being updated anymore?
A: Extracting the data from private servers is difficult and required a dedicated machine. It started out as a small project to practice python and grew into a popular website. Eventually it became too much work, but I am happy that so many of you enjoyed my work and I wish you good luck in Azeroth!


If you have any issues, questions or suggestions you can contact me at wowauctionhousehistory@gmail.com